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Have you experienced a happy or difficult childhood? Have you heard about Relationship Attachments before? Many people have not, and yet half the population unknowingly experience the many negative symptoms of an Insecure Relationship Attachment caused by trust and bonding traumas in childhood and later in life from romantic relationships too.  Scroll down this page to see the 6 Symptoms of an Insecure Relationship Attachment. The Freedom to Be a Soul Mother Programme will support you to recover from an insecure relationship attachment and restore your self esteem, reduce stress & anxiety, achieve happier emotions, enable you to become the best mother you can be, understand trauma triggers and how to mange them, address addictions and achieve greater success, peace, harmony, balance, fulfilment and health.

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The Symptoms of an Insecure Relationship Attachment

sulking couple

Emotional Difficulties

Depression • Sadness • Despair  • Loneliness • Helplessness • Isolating when upset • Overwhelm • Anger & Rage

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Low Self-Esteem

Lack of confidence • Self- Rejection • Shame • Guilt • Insecurity – Privately and Professionally • Challenges with Academic & Career achievement

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High Stress & Anxiety

The Five Stress Responses; Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fold & Appease • Anxiety • Worry • Inability to Relax •
Perfectionism • Attention Deficit Disorders

Stressed woman

Trauma Triggers

A trauma trigger is when you have a disproportionate reaction to something in the present that makes you relive a past trauma. Trauma triggers are so powerful that they can last for up to two weeks. They totally change your perspective and cause you to make choices from your stress response, fight, flight, freeze, fold or appease.

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Relationship Problems

Difficulty forming & maintaining relationships • Trust Issues & Hyper-vigilant monitoring of your relationship • Commitment issues • Co-dependency • Poor boundaries • Control Issues • Authority Issues

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Addictive Behaviours

Alcoholic Drinking • Drugs • Sex Addiction – Pornography • Smoking • Eating Disorders • Shopping Addiction – Credit Card debts • Gambling Addiction – Debts

How Stressed Are You?

Are you feeling stressed all the time?
Are you experiencing stress related illnesses?
Do you have high anxiety?
Do you worry excessively about your relationships especially your children?
Do you find it hard to form and maintain long term relationships?
Are you a workaholic?


“Catherine is an NLP Master and a Reiki Master… Catherine’s immense abilities have grown in strength as a result of her total commitment to her craft, and her desire to continually learn and grow. Every session I have with Catherine blows me away! I come away restored, balanced, and with a clear view as to my direction. Catherine’s insight into individual needs is reassuringly accurate, her ability to identify a cause or problem produces outstanding results!” PF

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