“Catherine’s skilled treatments, her wise teachings, and her understanding of the human condition have enabled me to heal all aspects of my life. I cannot thank her enough.”  AC

“Catherine has been working with my husband and I for a few months now. My goodness!! What a change we have both experienced and all for the positive!! Through a combination of counselling, inner child work, NLP and Reiki, my self- esteem has rocketed and I am coping with life so much better. I feel full of optimism for the future and most importantly I feel my relationship is getting the support it deserves. There has always been a lot of love there but we have very often lacked the rapport we needed to keep arguments and tension at bay. With her endless patience, Catherine is guiding us through the rocky terrain of marriage. Everyone needs Catherine in their lives! We love her dearly!!” GS

“We are going through a separation/divorce, and I needed help and guidance. I turned to Catherine for advice. My husband has also attended a couple of consultations. Catherine is totally confidential, trustworthy and fair. From the onset it was simply amazing. The principle and methods of NLP are incredibly valid. Without them, the whole process is/and will be so much more painful. For me it was all about coming to terms with difficult situations in one’s past, whether as a result of bad/traumatic experiences in one’s life, to date. It teaches you how to deal with people, but first you have to deal with YOURSELF.”

“I cannot explain how much I appreciate Catherine’s great help and influence in my life. In just a few short months she has managed to change the way I look at life. She has healed me in every way possible. She is a miracle worker.” TAQ

“I have been seeing Catherine for the past few weeks for Reiki and NLP and have already had amazing results. My health is greatly improved and the help she has given me with my business is invaluable.” RS

“I am 50 years old, married for 25 years and have 3 children. I was fortunate enough to meet Catherine at a lunch. I instantly warmed to her and was curious to learn more about her profession.”

“Time passes so quickly, so another friend said that she had NLP Guidance from Catherine, and she was totally ‘bowled over’.”

“Catherine is an NLP Master and a Reiki Master… Catherine’s immense abilities have grown in strength as a result of her total commitment to her craft, and her desire to continually learn and grow. Every session I have with Catherine blows me away! I come away restored, balanced, and with a clear view as to my direction. Catherine’s insight into individual needs is reassuringly accurate, her ability to identify a cause or problem produces outstanding results!” PF

“I really believe in this approach, and indeed, have put what I have learnt, into practice. It works. I would recommend this any time, the earlier the better, it prepares you for life and helps you cope when the odds are stacked against you. We can all be angels, if we want to.” FG 

“I am working with Catherine on longstanding relationship attachment issues. I have used many therapists over many years to try and deal with the issues and whilst I have made some good progress, I always seem to hit a brick wall.

I am working with Catherine on her six month programme.  What I really like is her combination of deep empathy (she’s been there, done it, got the t-shirt and emerged whole and glorious after all the work she has done), understanding and deeply kind and caring nature. She really wants to help.

She balances the spiritual world with pragmatism and structure, which works well for me as someone who has a foot firmly in both camps.

It’s early days yet, but after my last session I felt completely blissed out at the end of it, having done some wonderful work with Catherine, I feel really confident that over the next six months we will crack the issue finally and I will emerge stronger and balanced at last.  She is a wonderful person and has appeared like an angel at just the right time.” Karen E


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